February 01 2015 22:40:16
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31/01/2015 23:42
Always someone to mind you in the normal club spins. I hold that as being an important part of club spins and camaraderie. Bravo!

31/01/2015 23:39
You are taking the contents of this shoutbox way too serious, Justin. As a published spin leader perhaps the A team should have sent you apologies regarding their impending absence?

31/01/2015 23:25
Saw plenty of good club spirit on road today. We all need to watch each others back and go extra mile sometimes to bring everyone home. Long may it last.

31/01/2015 23:19
Ciaran I think something got lost in translation. Interpreting Morrisseys song back catalogue is not my forte so I was struggling to see gist of what you were saying Smile but I wasnt critiquing anyone

31/01/2015 20:16
Rational economic man might think that but hey you were dealing with the A team. A is not for Appreciate. Morrissey has some thoughts on that too!

31/01/2015 19:21
Well I thought having gone to the trouble of going out there that on waking people might appreciate going to website for an update on road conditions even if delivered like the early morning papers..

31/01/2015 14:17
Morrissey always has the correct response!

31/01/2015 14:16
Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep and then leave me alone. Don't try to wake me in the morning 'cause I will be gone

31/01/2015 01:40
Update on Saturday mornings Touring spins in Touring Discussion Forum.....

28/01/2015 22:17
1, it is true you are the original st. no sweetshop for st had to protect the state. Keep up the craic this w/e, I'm on border duty, be in some ditch watching for silk cult purple being smuggled

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Torque Wrench / Workstand
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Posted on 07-06-2010 12:31
Maillot Blanc

Posts: 55
Joined: 13.03.07

Howdy boys and girls,

I'm looking to add to my inventory a torque wrench, and am just wondering if any of you might have any recommendations or advice for me?, I've noticed that some can be quite pricey but I've seen a BBB one there for 60quid with half a dozen fittings which looks like it would do the job?

Also I'm looking to get hold of a decent workstand too, so if anyone has any recommendations here or is even selling one I like to hear from ya!

Thanks again folks!

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Posted on 07-06-2010 16:20
Lanterne Rouge

Posts: 22
Joined: 19.10.09

Hi Gavin,
This is the workstand I have it is quite sturdy. Some on the market are a bit flimsy. The one advantage I found for a workstand is I am more likely to wash and repair the bike and the built in tool tray is handy for holding all the nuts, screws and bolts you have left over after re-assembling your bike!


I went for an expensive torque wrench as entry level models often do not have the durability or reliability of calibration. Like all measuring devices torque wrenches require a system of testing to ensure calibration is within acceptable ranges. However all that said, I only use mine for assessing the torque I have applied by hand tighening. So far I have not reached the max torque settings for each component (cautious bike mechanic!). A torque wrench is an essential tool for a heavy handed mechanic but it also can be used to identify which type you are.
The stand is 89 and the wrench is 149
Edited by KieranMcI on 07-06-2010 19:35
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Posted on 08-06-2010 16:54
Maillot Blanc

Posts: 74
Joined: 11.11.07

Got that one recently and quite happy withit and it was only 36 Euro
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Posted on 08-06-2010 23:05
Maillot Blanc

Posts: 55
Joined: 13.03.07

Hi Gents,

Thanks for the input, Kieran your always a safe bet for the tech info! I agree I would only want it to insure saddle or headset adjustments are torqued correct and the workstand for cleaning mostly too!, and Andreas thanks also, nearly half saved off the price of that torque wrench, I could hardly say no!

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Posted on 14-06-2010 21:46
Maglia Gialla

Posts: 167
Joined: 18.05.08


I see lidl have torque wrench on sale this week - might be worth investigating. Anyone want to volunteer a carbon frame for testing ?! ;-)

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Posted on 15-06-2010 20:36
Lanterne Rouge

Posts: 22
Joined: 19.10.09

With a torque range of 42Nm- 210Nm the first touch will be the last.......
A suitable bike torque range should typically be between 2Nm- 20Nm. Leave the automotive tools to your local grease monkeys. Anyone likely to purchase a wrench like this one probably lists a hammer and chisel amoung their favourite bike tools.Shock
#7 Print Post
Posted on 16-06-2010 23:33
Maglia Gialla

Posts: 167
Joined: 18.05.08

Thanks for the clarification Kieran!
(will never get anyone to volunteer a frame for testing now ;-) )
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